I’m a west coast multidisciplinary creative. An artist and designer surrounded by ancient trees, tide pools and wide open magic.

My practice includes time-based work, media, images, sound, text, and spatial installations. Alternating between traditional art mediums and electronic forms. Projects have toured North America’s Pacific Northwest and been exhibited at New Forms Festival.

Professional work includes and has included creative services for film production, commercial photography, advertising, live events, private residences and commercial spaces. As the opportunity arises I am active with artist-run centres, educational programs, and not-for-profit organizations.

I graduated from Emily Carr University, but also developed skills in theatrical production crafts, digital media, animation and graphic design at various institutions. Safe to say, the biggest lessons came from the life experience of doing it.

Nearly a decade was clocked photographing concerts, festivals and DIY music subcultures. The images can be found in popular culture magazines and as promotional and album art. Some still hidden away in a mystery archive. What did I learn from all that? Split-second laser beam focus amidst chaos.

Other stuff I like? Lucid visions, running with dogs, ocean time and catching sparks. How can I say no? Still more last words? Rock n Roll, make it spin.