Transversals, Handmade film and soundtrack ©Tiina Liimu


A west coast creative whose art practice intersects time-based media, images, painting, sculpture, and installation.

Professional work includes visual presentation and production services for motion pictures, commercial photography, advertising, theatre, and live events. Apart from commercial commitments, my practise extends to artist-run centres, education and, not-for-profit organizations. Formerly, deep in the hustle of downtown Toronto, now tucked into the wilds of Metro Vancouver.

I graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design and developed skills in theatrical production, digital media, animation, and graphic design at various institutions. Safe to say, the weightiest lessons came from a hands-on experience.

Nearly a decade was engaged in photographing concerts, festivals, and DIY music subcultures. What did I learn from all that? Split-second laser focus amidst the chaos of a live, loud and highly charged event. The images found their way into popular culture magazines, promotional and album art. Some still hidden away.

Interests? Lucid visions, running with dogs, ocean time, catching sparks and let’s keep it spinning. Rock n Roll.