music photography

I photograph live music. It’s distorted, loud, soft, crunchy and I pretty much feel the same way about listening to it. The results are images, which weigh in on grit and character. Chronologically and loosely these images fall between 2008 and 2016. The subjects span various musical genres. These are commissions, documents and media images, but I consider the entire process an art form. After a bunch of years behind the scenes, as an event tech and cutting one’s teeth as a creative for studio, commercial photography, film, events, and stage, I found myself photographing live shows. Somehow it merged.

Finally, please and thank you, do check in first before reposting images as to respect image arrangements made with the artists.

*As of November 2018 the long slide show has come down as mechanics need updates, I hope to get the images up in their full glory as soon as possible!